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Dash The Duckling!
Hi guys! It's me!

This is for Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Namco, and possibly Wayforward! This is my OC, Dash the Duckling who is brave and fearless and is ready for adventure and danger! He's the official godson of Mario and his friends including his favorite godfather, Shadow the Hedgehog. He's nice, kind, loving, caring, and has a big heart despite of his very small size. His arch nemesis is Browser Jr. He is the only child of his widowed duck mother named Pamelia whose husband had died from war which makes Dash fatherless. But all of that changes when he meets a mysterious black ultimate life form duckling named Roderick who is the only child of his widowed father, Rodger who falls for Dash's mother.

•Dash was originally named "Dyke" but I changed his name to "Dash".
•All of his friends are uncles, aunts, and cousins to him.
•He states to people that he has lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles
•He calls Knuckles "Knunckle" instead of Uncle Knuckles because his name almost sounds like the word "uncle".
•He views Tails as his cousin and sometimes plays with him only if Tails isn't busy with anything.
•He can fly or run at fast speeds, creating electricity with or without flapping his wings. He's also a very good swimmer.
•Dash is similar to Little Quacker from Tom and Jerry…
•Despite his species as a duckling Dash is a very smart ducking and understands Pokémon language and every animal language around the world.
•He is close friends with Polly the ducking.
•He has electrokinesis the ability that allows him to manipulate electricity and lightning.


Nintendo (c)
SEGA (c)
Capcom (c)
Namco (c)
And Wayforward (possibly) (c)
Queen Swanillia
Nicknames: Queen Swanillia (by everyone), Your Majesty (by everyone respectively), Your Highness (by everyone respectively), Mother Swanillia (by Princess Sania the Hedgehog relatively), Mother Swanillia (by Nia respectively)

Occupation: Queen of all dimensions she visits and encourages

Birthplace: Unknown (not known yet)

Age: Unknown, she is ageless

Relatives: Princess Sania the Hedgehog (hedgehog daughter), Nia (daughter/creation)

Species: Swan Queen, deity

Gender: Female

Weight: Unknown (yet)

Height: Slightly bigger than Illumina

Feathers: White, sky blue, pink

Eyes: Blue

Attire: Swan Queen: Hidden silver tiara with a teardrop shaped blue diamond with four sky/light blue feathers and two pink feathers on both sides of the four blue feathers, blue and pink beaded necklace with a teardrop shaped jewel on the tuft feathered chest.

Human: same tiara, same necklace, white dress with white feathering a on the ends to the sleeves and end of her dragging Royal robes, blue diamond earrings, a blue teardrop shaped diamond silver ring, two blue and pink beaded bracelets, and tight sleeves underneath the loose white sleeves

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: Everyone of the heroes she watches from their dimensions

Personality: Wise, loving, kind, gentle, motherly, caring, soft spoken, calm, raging (only to villains), protective, thoughtful, considerate, brave, fearless, fun-loving, talented (to singing)

Likes: Mario and his friends, Mario Jr. and his friends, everyone of the famous heroes, Illumina, Lady Auraa, children, babies, helping heroes and children and everyone, singing

Dislikes: Villians, Browser, Browser Jr. (briefly), Dr. Eggman, Dr. Eggboy (briefly), Rowser, Sigma, Wizeman, Mother Breath, Lord Betrayus, Dr. Buttocks, King De De De, Escargoon, evil Halloween monsters, Mavericks, evilness, wickedness, lies, betrayal, deception, disturbance, gruesomeness, heroes failing and giving up, seeing anyone bored or sad, everything bad or evil, abuse, mistreatment, anyone hurting her favorite heroes, Eggman Nega, Dry Browser

Skills: Body restoring, wrath powers, sparkling, appearance, disappearance, levitation, flying, aurora borealis tracing, health restoring

Ability type: singing (her singing will be the voice of Celine Dion's voice, her normal voice will be the voice of Jane Seymour)

Queen Swanillia is the swan queen and the deity of all the dimensions she knows and visits occasionally. She loves everyone of the people especially every single one of her favorite loved heroes. Whenever she sees a person who has a strong or inherent justice, she becomes pleased with the person and disappears from her crystal castle and appears to the person she knows in their heart. She always levitates or picks the person up with her gigantic but beautiful feathers and takes the person to her castle as she disappears and appears back to her castle. She would also treat the person with tea, meals, and dessert. She would choose the person to become a hero and help people from the forces of evil. She refers to people who have a heroic heart as the chosen hero. As a swan queen, she has her advisors, maidens, servants, butlers, and of course her precious daughters Princess Sania the Hedgehog and Nia. She loves Mario and his friends even Sonic and his friends. She is also pleased with Shadow the Hedgehog's strong justice even if he is neutral and an anti-hero. But nevertheless, she will always love her favorite heroes and help them out if defeated.

By the way she sings beautifully. Her singing will be voiced by Celine Dion. My two favorite songs for her are "That's the way it is" and "I'm alive"
And sometimes "The Power of the dream".

I hope you guys like her.

Queen Swanillia-me
This is for
Nintendo (c)
SEGA (c)
Capcom (c)
Namco (c)
Wayforward (c) (possibly)
SAiYA herself
Hi guys! This is SAiYA. Her story is where it starts here. It all started when her parents, Hannah and Klein wanted a baby girl of their own, Father Wind overheard them about expecting a child but to keep as his own because he knew that their/his child to be born would become the newest descendant of SEiYA the nightmaren himself since he was the creation/son of Mother Breath herself. The moment he heard them about having a child, he instantly appeared to them as he materialized right in front of them. He told them that he heard about having their first baby, and asked them if they would like to have one. They have never seen him before but they knew that he looked like his counterpart wife, Mother Breath. They knew that it was their chance to receive a child so they took his request which resulted into a "yes". And his request was granted. One month later, Hannah had already became pregnant as months grew fast. And then nine months later, Hannah was already in labor. She was taken to the hospital to deliver her child. Three hours later, she gave birth to a daughter. She looked just like her ancestor, SEiYA with messy but beautiful black hair like her father's, blue eyes like her mother's, and his skin color like her father's. Hannah and Klein had become the proud parents of their firstborn daughter. They named her SAiYA. Almost like her ancestor's name but with two "As" separate by two letters the "I" and "Y" in a feminine name. But when Father Wind gazed at their child in his vision. He decided that it was time to take her away and raise her as his own. Suddenly, he materialized in front of them once again. They were suprised he was here and thanked him for their child. He accepted their gratefulness for him but told them it was time to take her away. They were confused and suprised when they asked him why when Hannah had already just bore her daughter. He told them that he wanted her as one of his own children but more special to him. But Klein stood right up to him and told him that he can't have his child when she was just born. But Father Wind insisted that he'd take her in his hands right now. But Hannah begged him to let her keep her daughter as she looked at him with a sad begging expression. Father Wind looked at her with a lowered unhappy glare. Then he gave in and let them keep her as he left with an angry but calm mood as he disappeared in front of their eyes. Her parents cheered for they were happy to keep their daughter SAiYA. Four years later, Little SAiYA was five years old. She loved spending time with her parents especially in the outdoors. She even loved summer time and fireflies. One moment, she was spending time with her mother and father when they were star gazing at nighttime. She noticed a nightmaren nebula that resembled SEiYA the nightmaren. Klein and Hannah knew the he was watching them from above in his nebula form. SAiYA wondered who SEiYA was and has never heard of him. So she asked her parents who was SEiYA. They told her that he is their and her ancestor and the nightmaren who got thrown out by his mother/creator Mother Breath before she was killed by Wizeman the Wicked and was influenced by other good nightnarens to help visitors make their dreams come true by retrieving all the five Ideya. She didn't know what the word "ancestor" meant. And has never heard of Mother Breath, Wizeman, the word "visitor", nor the word "Ideya" before. So she asked her parents once again about the four words. Her parents understood that she was young and curious and had a lot more to learn. They explained to her that the word "ancestor" means you are born form another relative or a great great great etc. granddaddy. The word "visitor" means a person who visits a place. Ideya is the source of light that is made from a visitor's heart. Her mother explained that nightmarens refer to humans as "visitors". She explained to her daughter that there are some good nightmarens and bad ones in the world of Nightopia, a place visitors make their way with the Ideya in their hands. The Dream Gate is the place where visitors first appear. Then she explained to her about Mother Breath, the female deity and Queen of another Nightmare World. The one who created her nightmaren ancestor, SEiYA with the heart of a human who once worked for Mother Breath to retrieve the Ideya from visitors. But at some point, Wizeman the Wicked started a war on Mother Breath after Reala tricked SEiYA into usurping his flight power. Luckily his brother and sisters came to the rescue to bring him back to Mother Breath and she once again gave him the flight power. They explained the whole story about how SEiYA became good. They reminded her that it's not about being a hero or a heroine but to help people with a human heart even when your family is gone or separated from you. They even reminded her that as you learn the facts of life, your heart becomes human. Then they went inside the house and sent her to bed. Then the tucked her and kissed before they walked out of her bedroom and quietly closed the door. Then as she slept she entered the dream gate just like her parents told her. And then suddenly, a brown nightmaren appeared to her, know as SEiYA the nightmaren. She knew it was him. He was happy to see his new little descendant in person. He even noticed that she has his hair, eyes, skin color, and of course his long black eyelashes. She was happy to see him too. And he welcomed her in his arms as she hugged him. Then he took her with him to show her something. He showed her that some/most people and other different species are being threatened by evil villains from dimensions and in their own dimension including human visitors that enter in the world of Nightopia. So since she is his human descendant, he persuaded her to do what is right for others including visitors that enter into the world of Nightopia and to follow in his footsteps. He told her that she needed to promise him to help everyone from the forces of evil. She didn't know what to do to be a heroine yet but she knew she had to keep that promise for him. Of course he knew that she was only five. But when her time comes as a fully grown adult, she will help everyone from their own dimensions. Then he warns her that it is time to go back to the waking world but before she could, he briefly begged her to keep her promise. She gladly accepted his request and returned back to earth as she woke up from her sleep. She was obsessed when she met her nightmaren ancestor for the first time and remembered to keep her promise from him. During breakfast, SAiYA told her parents about her dream that she met her ancestor, SEiYA for the first time. She told them that he showed her that people need help and she made a promise to him. And her parents were happy to hear her dream. They knew he chose her as his next descendant to fight for the world and other dimensions. They bolted to their little girl and gave her a group hug. They were so proud of their own daughter not just because she was chosen by SEiYA as the next heroine but because she made a vow to his will. Meanwhile, Father Wind watched her parents cheer for her in his vision and did not like the thought of his own half daughter making promises to her ancestor, SEiYA because he knew that he would only do the good things not bad things despite of his half girl SAiYA as SEiYA's human descendant. He knew that it was time to take her away this time and would not allow anyone near his own half girl not even her parents. He made no hesitation this time so he sent his nightmaren minions to take her away from her parents. "This time she is all mine!" he said without a second thought. That early night, when SAiYA's parents were getting ready for the celebration of their own chosen daughter, they were about to get her out of the house to have some fun but before they could, the carriage of nightmarens arrived before their eyes. The two servants stepped out of the carriage and patiently demanded that they have come to take their daughter away and bring her home to her nightmare father, Father Wind. When her parents heard their words they began to shed tears. But her father said that Father Wind said that they could have her when they wanted her. But one servant said that Father Wind had changed his mind and wants his own half girl as his own daughter. But her mother insisted they don't take her away as she shedded tears and her father would not let them have their daughter. Then the two servants lost their patience and grew more serious. Then without any qualm or hesitation, they ordered their minions to shove the parents away from their daughter SAiYA and the two servants grabbed her by the hands and pushed her into the carriage as they shut the door. Her father shouted that they can't just take their daughter away from them. But one servant said that they have to follow Father Wind's orders. Then they ordered the minions to let their parents go and left with them. Then her parents yelled "Stay strong, SAiYA! Remember your promise!" SAiYA could hear them loud and clear and kept her promise to her parents as she shedded tears. Meanwhile, as they finally arrived at Father Wind's Nightmare palace, the two servants stepped out of the carriage along with SAiYA in their hands. But SAiYA did not like the feeling of this place. She trembled with fear so she pulled the two servants back. The two servants could tell that she was afraid but they reminded her not to worry and that it was okay for her. So they gently pulled her back as they continued to walk to the gigantic doors. But SAiYA still felt nervous. So nervous she could hear her heart beating like a drum. When the doors opened slowly, SAiYA could see Father Wind sitting in his throne room and felt even more afraid than nervous. Then the two servants pulled her over to him. The more SAiYA got closer to Father Wind, the more she felt terrified of him. Then Father Wind gently picked her up in his gigantic hands and levitated her in his hands up to his white-bearded face and solid yellow eyes. SAiYA stared at him with fear as she was fearfully trembling. Then Father Wind reached out his hand to her but SAiYA hid her face in his gigantic fingers for she was afraid he might harm her but instead, Father Wind gently stroke her from head to back in a loving fatherly way. When SAiYA felt this stroke from him, she looked at him curiously and calmly. Father Wind lovingly smiled at her back. He was very quiet at the moment. He introduced himself to her as the king of nightmare and her other father. When SAiYA heard these words, she was shocked to hear that he was her other father and nervously asked him if he really was.
Father Wind responded back to her with a "yes". He reminded her that he knew who she is. He explained to her that she was half created before she was in her mother's belly. SAiYA was even more suprised to hear this fact about her creation. Then she obviously asked him again if that was also true. He told her it was true. Then he gently stroke her head and back again. Then he brought her closer to him and gently kissed her on the head. "My sweet little girl." he said lovingly. As she grew up in the Father Wind's Nightmare world, things got very boring for her but she always kept her faith inside of her heart and kept her promise to her parents. But Father Wind wanted her to become the princess of nightmare and eventually as Queen. He wanted her to follow his footsteps and one day rule over the Nightmare World. But she did not want to do something like that and even wished to have free will like her nightmaren anscestor, SEiYA but Father Wind would not allow her to do that and threatened her that if she did try to escape and disobey his will and rules, he would punish her severely and that there will be severe consequences. But she didn't seem to care and got tired of being bored living in a horribly boring Nightmare world and at some point managed to escape at nighttime when no one was looking. Then she was happily free and went into the world where Maria and her friends lived. She even wanted to be reunited with her parents again after all of these years when she was taken to Father Wind. But when Father Wind saw that SAiYA was not in her room and somehow escaped, he became extremely angry and sent her siblings to find her and bring her back. He would not allow his own daughter to roam free and live somewhere else exciting unless it was something important for him and his daughter to do or if he wanted to give another person a nightmare. SAiYA has been brought back to Father Wind many times by her siblings or her minions before and Father Wind even finally prevented her from going anywhere by ordering more minions and soliders to block all doors and gates which made SAiYA even more sad than ever. But Father Wind often manages to calm her down, dry her tears, and attempts to convince her that all humans are cruel. But SAiYA would not listen to him because she didn't believe that all people were like that. But she was not about to give up her chances of escaping. One day she asked Father Wind if she could go for a walk which he was fine with but she needed an escort. So he kindly ordered her siblings to escort her as she goes for a walk. As she was being escorted by her siblings she thought of a clever plan to escape without ever getting caught. She asked her siblings if she could bathe in the lake. They accepted her offer and let her bathe in. So she went in the bathing room. But instead of bathing in some ordinary pond, she quietly dove into the river without anyone noticing not even the guardsmen. Luckily she could transform into a mermaid and slowly but quickly made her way into the great nightmare waterfall pond where it connects to the human world. She dove in and out. And now she was happily free to explore anywhere she wanted, Meanwhile her siblings where waiting for her to finish her bath but they did not hear one giggle nor splash out of her.
SEiYA Sky High!
Hi guys! It's me!

This is Nightmaren SEiYA in cartoon version somewhat maybe. I made a this outline of his lips to make him look more cuter and interesting. It may look like Reala's black lips but he's the cutsie type.


SEGA (c)
  • Listening to: Rivals
  • Reading: None
  • Watching: Buddies
Women, mermaids, princesses, queens, dutchesses, nightmarenesses, and almost every female species from other places, worlds, and dimensions are always considered to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

                                 - Kingchristine


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Christine King
United States
I'm kind of smart, lazy, sarcastic, a lot shy, but kind of friendly and funny (or at least I try to be funny), bright, and happy. I like watching videos on YouTube, funny episodes, cute things, freedom, free time, relaxing, nice characters, girlie stuff, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, some of the SEGA characters I personally know, sweet or sometimes nonsweet foods, going to the malls and sometimes movie theatres, and Walmart. I dislike my spare time being wasted, yucky foods, and sauerkraut. My favorite colors are hot/neon pink and purple and sometimes blue. And I'm a vegetarian.


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