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Name: Theta-xeen

Inspiration: Omega-xix

Nicknames: Am-ian Girl (by FM-ians), Pretty Face (by Cygnus)

Occupation: Unknown probably just an Am-ian

Birthplace: Planet AM

Age: Unknown. Probably around in her twenties

Relatives: Persephone (mother)

Species: AM-ian

Gender: Female

Weight: Secret

Height: slightly smaller than Omega-xix

Pulsing Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Outer Body: Colbat Blue, Cerulean Blue

Pulsing Body: Blue

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: Her friends,

Personality: Beautiful, Attractive, Non-Narcissistic, Showy, Somewhat Ditzy, Cowardly (sometimes), Radiant, Silly, Amiable, Impatient (sometimes),

Romances: Taurus (one-sided crush), Wolf (one-sided crush)

Likes: Roaming alone, Lyra, Sonia, Luna, having fun, Going Out Places, Earth, Venus (her favorite planet), Shopping,

Dislikes: Gender Stereotypes, Ophiucus,
Anything disgusting (they sometimes make her throw up). Anything Disturbing, Scary movies, Borden, Waiting, Not getting what she wants

Skills: Punch, Growl,

Abilities: Shapeshifting (she shapeshifts into a human woman), Turning people into EM Waves, Hypnosis proof eyes, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Invincibility

Quotes: "So this is Earth? Not a bad place to shop. But I'm not just here for that I'm here to find a human who has the same EM frequencies as mine."

Theta-xeen is an extraterrestrial AM-ian alien being who was secretly one of the survivors who survived the destruction of Planet AM (it was later rebuilt by orders of King Cepheus though.).

Early Life

Theta-xeen is the daughter of her mother Persephone who was born on Planet AM. She had spent her whole life as a young girl who dreamed of seeing what earth was like and would one day find a human who matches her EM wave frequency and also form a brother band (or sister band in gender respectively.)


Theta-xeen-me is a amiable, radiant and sweet girl who is usually viewed as an attractive female AM-ian especially Taurus and Wolf (they both have a crush on her which results them into fighting over her.). But she can also be serious when it comes to certain situations she's in launch as judging mean people or battling another villain. She is even mischievous and impatient at times. Like Ophiucus, she also likes shopping mainly at the mall. She is somewhat spoiled and doesn't like it when she's not getting what she wants. But she learns from her mistakes quick and always straightens up.


•As and AM-ian who's body is not made of matter but of EM Waves, she seems to have and extraordinary ability to transform into a human woman with blue hair blue eyes blue lips, and flawless fair skin and body that is made of matter.

•She is not related to Omega-xix but is very exact to his kind.

•Her favorite color is blue.

•She sometimes wears an EM choker for style.

•She hates cold water when it comes to taking a shower or a bath.

•As a human, she owns her own apartment which is room A1 52 and lives next door to her compatible human.

•She sometimes possesses golf carts for fun.

•She has an extraordinary ability to travel back in time or in the future which is known as time traveling and travel to other dimensions such as Sonic's world.

•Her brain, eyes, and ears are hypnosis proof. She can't see hypnosis like most people can. So she can't be hypnotized no matter how many times you try. So DON'T EVER TRY IT! I MEAN IT!

She's like a blue raspberry candy cane…

Megaman Starforce (c)

Am/FM-ian concept (Capcom) (c)
FORFEiT The Deminightmaren of Punishment

Inspiration: Nemesis (demigoddess of vengeance)

Nicknames: Alpha Wolf (by everyone), Meanie Weanie (by Purgatory), Big Brother (by Shumoone), Werdie Freak (by )

Occupation: Punisher, Alpha Wolf, Deminightmaren of punishment

Birthplace: Nightopia Wolf Vally Forest

Age: 19

Relatives: Running Wolf (wolfmaren/nightmaren father), Udbala (Mobian wolf mother), Daki (nightmaren sister), Shumoone (adoptive husky puppy brother (he talks)

Species: Nightmobian (half Mobian half nightmaren),
Deminightmaren (inspired by the word Demigod)

Gender: Male

Weight: 112 lbs.


Attire: Blue feather earring on right ear, silver earring ring on left ear, brown cris cross leather belt vest, black fingerless gloves, black timberlands boots (I should've added the socks though), Red Ideya Shard with gold metal trim on his chest (because he's half nightmaren)

Alignment: He seems bad but he's not evil, Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Harsh, Mean, Punishing, Stern, Strict, Rough, Tough, Sensitive, Angry, Dangerous, Scary, Aggressive, Unmerciful, Unforgiving (sometimes), Rude, Lion-hearted, Brave, Fearless, Forceful, Bitter, Sour, Crude (I suppose), Cruel, Willing, Vengeful, Feral, Feisty

Affiliation: Nightmobian Wolf Family

Favorite Food: Cooked or Raw Meat

Romances: Katrina (crush)

Likes: Cooked or Raw meat, Jon Talbain, his family, Spending time with his dad, Training, Practicing, Alpha School, His siblings, Goth, Punishing people, Leftovers

Dislikes: Purgatory (he tried many times to punish him), Reala, Shadow, Knuckles, Bad People, Wickedness, Evilness, Stubborn people, Bodite, Hiro, Galila, The Nightmaries, Lazy people, People backing out, Shumoone telling him to stop whipping (he usually ignores him though), Wizeman, Father Wind, hunters, poachers

Weapons: Whip, teeth, claws

Skills: Tail whip transformation, paraloop, Shapeshifting, Nightmaren form, Whip skills, hand to hand combat skills

Abilities: Scent Smelling, hearing, Stalking on prey, Kick, Enhanced Jump, Wolf Communication, Wolf Translation, Nightmarens Flight, Whiplash, bite, wolf snarl, wolf howl, Superhuman/chronic strength, pyrokinesis (only if he gets really angry.) super howl
Hypnosis-proof eyes brain and ears

Voice actor:

FORFEiT is the deminightmaren of punishment who is an alpha wolf, a future leader of the pack, a punisher, and takes his responsibilities very seriously.


FORFEiT was born by his parents Running Wolf (the wolfmaren), and Udbala (the Mobian wolf). his mother was a visitor when she came to the Dream Gate (obviously the place people make their way to when they're asleep.) Owl noticed her and welcomed her with chivalry and wisdom of words. Running Wolf was howling at the moon (like a real wolf would do). As he opened his eyes, he noticed her standing there and was instantly falling in love with her (even though she was a Mobian.) He flew down introduced himself to her and asked her what her name was. She told him her name was Udbala. "Udbala" was the most beautiful name he had ever heard. He respectively bowed his head down and kissed her hand. Eventually two fell in love and married. Udbala conceived a child (she became pregnant in other words.) but she and her nightmaren husband didn't know whether if their child would look either Mobian Wolf or Wolfmaren. Nine months later, Udbala gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He gets most of that Mobian Wolf look from his mom and his big slitty yellow cat eyes and his nightmaren powers (including his flight power) from his dad's. Because of this, he was considered to be a deminightmaren (a minor nightmaren but still has a high rank (I changed it.) as he grew up he once in a while faced misrerable moments such as getting spanked whenever he did something wrong, got punished whenever he cheated or disobeyed his parents but he learned to stay out of trouble as he grew up. As he reached at the age of 19, his father gave his whip and declared him as the deminightmaren of punishment. FORFEiT was more than happy to punish people who dared to get in his way, got themselves into trouble, backed out on things they didn't want to do, refused to go to places they didn't want to go, or who bullied him.


FORFEiT is a very strict, violent, and temperamental wolf who is easily short tempered and vicious to anyone who is far beyond rules and obedience and shows no mercy to anyone whatsoever. He can also be very sadistic at times. He is not evil though he seems to be bad most of the times but he is considered to be an anti-hero (chaotic neutral.) He is shown to have a harsh habit of biting people's ears and pulling them as he makes them come with him as shown in this artwork…
He does not display any social perspective and is said to be a loner which makes sense because some wolves usually roam alone. Despite of his abusive and harsh reaction around SEiYA, he secretly likes him as his favorite person (even though he doesn't show it to him.) he is also shown to be naturally caring towards others (if he feels like it.) especially Katrina the nightdream (a human visitor who turns into a nightmaren only when she's dreaming.) because he has a crush on her. He even has a natural brother and son feeling for his family. But his personality still remains the same and nothing will stop him from doing his duty as the deminightmaren of punishment he has be devoted to stop sin and crime.

•He got spanked before in his youth.
•He cheated on his wolf skill but was punished for it and never did it again.
•He is sometimes a lone wolf.
•He seems to like SEiYA as a person even though he tends to be rough and vicious around him.
•He dislikes Nekrofare.
•He drools in his sleep.
•He does not have the amusement for jokes and never seems think that anything is funny.
•When things don't go his way, he gets aggressive.
•Whenever SEiYA declines to do something or go anywhere and backs out, FORFEiT snarls and snaps at him or sometimes grabbing one of his long pointy ears with his teeth as he forces him to do something.
•FORFEiT strongly hates Purgatory and tried so many times to punish him due to his actions.
•He has a stressed relationship with Jem to an extent.
•He got expelled three times from three different alpha schools due to him being violent to anyone who bullied him.
•Unlike most Mobians, FORFEiT has the unusual tendency of walking or running on four legs instead of two. (He takes after his dad the wolfmaren.)
•His name "FORFEiT" likely means lose or be deprived of (property or a right or privilege) as a penalty for wrongdoing hence his reputation.
•Like real wolves, FORFEiT has an unusual bad habit of panting as he sticks his tongue out.
•He can howl at the moon like a real wolf though the real reason why they howl is to communicate with other wolves that are far away in distance depending on where they're at.
•He is considered as a Yandere meaning he grows violent at anyone who takes the liking of Katrina especially Planter (I changed his possible romance to Katrina instead of Myst.)


SEGA (c)
Hey girls! I want your opinion! How many of you think this character is handsome? If your nightmaren fans of course.…
But Father!
Hi guys! It's me usually!

This is nightmaren SEiYA being scolded by his daddy Father Wind. You see SEiYA had grown up from a 14 year old to a 24 year old ageless adult nightmaren who loved freedom and learning about life. Father Wind on the other hand sat on his throne growing tired of SEiYA's rebellion and was determined to put his disobedience to an end. So he sent his other children to bring SEiYA back. They found SEiYA and grabbed him by force. They brought him back to his father's kingdom and Father Wind finally confronted him and berated him after all of these years he defied him again and again.

Father Wind: SEiYA I am head up to heal with you! You always defy me, you disobey me every time I command you to do something, you refuse to wear your persona mask I made for you, you refuse to steal Dream energy from visitors, you always run away from me, and most of all you always escape my kingdom! I am growing tired of your defiance, son!! And I am going to put that defiance to an end now!!!

SEiYA: But Daddy!!!!

Father Wind: No Buts!!!!! I will settle this my way and I want you to listen to me very carefully. You are one of my children and my son. You've always have been my child ever since I took you in. And I would not only like you to steal Dream energies for me but to be the prince of my nightmare world. You will learn the the manners and strategies of being a nightmare prince and this time I will make sure that you won't refuse nor escape my kingdom. Because if you do, then I will cause catastrophe on Nightopia along with your friends except for you of course. So you'd better learn to obey your father if you know what's good for you.

SEiYA: Does it look like I have a choice? *sheds years*

Father Wind: I'm afraid not, my son. Servants. Take him to the library and put him in serious training.

Servant: *bows respectfully* Yes your majesty.

*The servants take SEiYA to the library for training*

Father Wind-me

SEGA (c)
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  • Watching: Buddies
I Kingchristine would rather live alone for the rest of my like than get married and spend the rest of my life facing a tough marriage. Because face it I dislike gender stereotypes. Men and women are just too different from each other.

And another thing. If a guy asked me to marry him, I would want to say "no".


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I'm kind of smart, lazy, sarcastic, a lot shy, but kind of friendly and funny (or at least I try to be funny), bright, and happy. I like watching videos on YouTube, funny episodes, cute things, freedom, free time, relaxing, nice characters, girlie stuff, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, some of the SEGA characters I personally know, sweet or sometimes nonsweet foods, going to the malls and sometimes movie theatres, and Walmart. I dislike my spare time being wasted, yucky foods, and sauerkraut. My favorite colors are hot/neon pink and purple and sometimes blue. And I'm a vegetarian.


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